Our commitment

to Green Eco-Friendly Commercial Printing

Kwik Print, Inc. is proud to be a part of the positive movement towards sustainability and carrying out earth-friendly production methods to reduce our carbon footprint.

Although we have recycled our waste paper since the beginning, we have taken serious measures to produce less waste. In observation of these initiatives, we have learned that being environmentally safe is a two way street:

"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem." —Eldridge Cleaver

After all, we are here to serve our customers. We understand that not all customers are well informed of the printing process as well as we are. Our answer to this is to educate and advise the customer to make earth-friendly decisions while saving money and obtaining a quality finished product that meets their needs.

We offer the following eco-friendly products and services:

• 10-100% Recycled Paper Stocks
• FSC Certified Paper Stocks
• Soy Based Inks
• Online Ordering and Quote Request
• Digital Proofing (Paperless)

Beyond our eco-friendly products and services, we also have many inter-office processes that we have improved to do our part as a business to reduce our carbon footprint:

• Energy-efficient Computers, Lighting and Equipment
• Computerized Digital Pre-press Procedures
• Recycling of Waste Paper, Inks and Solvents